Lecture Series

Our lecture series “Sustainability” is coming around again!

This time, the heading will be “(in)justice”, which we hope to examined in the context of sustainability. The growing media attention for ecological problems of the present increasingly reveals the social implications of ecological upheaval. Global inequalities in the context of North-South asymmetry, social tensions within European societies, aspects of intergenerational justice as well as gender issues are just some of the topics that we want to critically examine in the context of the lecture series.

A novelty of this semester is that our lecture series has been included in the BOK section of the ZfS. If you study at the University of Freiburg, you can now also get ECTS credits for attending the event series! Of course, all those interested are welcome to the events, whether you are a student or not.

We welcome you to our riveting lectures and invite you to join in the discussion!


07.11. Discussion: (Bio)Diversity & Gender– Room 1010
Dr. Marion Mangelsdorf (Freiburg University) 
Dr. Aniela Knoblich (Freiburg University) 
Moderation: Benjamin Thober und Teresa Ziegler (Nachhaltigkeitsbüro) 

21.11. Climate Justice – Room 2004
Tobias Kurzeder (Freiburg University) 

05.12. Climate Protest – Room 1098
Matthias Lieb 

09.01. Discussion: Neoliberalism – Room 1098
Dr. Alke Jenss (Arnold-Bergstraesser-Insttut)
Dr. Benedikt Schmid (Freiburg University)
Moderaton: Dr. Roderich von Detten 

23.01. Generational Justice – Room 3118
Dr. Daniel Falb 

06.02. Discussion: Consumer Justice – Hörsaal 1098

taking place between 6-8 pm, pathfinding help can be found on Facebook.

Here is the Information about our first Lecture Series Summer 2019.