Lecture Series


Or what we do not know: Interdisciplinary perspectives on the field of sustainability

The field of sustainability demands cooperation: In the face of socio-ecological crisis, a paradigm shift towards an interdisciplinary approach is needed. The lecture series will create open dialogues to identify the according blind spots in the confrontation of different perspectives. For that, the willingness to recognize ignorance and to exceed the limits of the own discipline must persist.

We invite scientists from different disciplines ranging from climatology to sociology to, firstly, present their specific discourse on sustainability before entering into a controversial discussion with each other. The aim of the lecture series is to problematize the ignorance that results from the isolated perspectives of the different disciplines and to create space for synergies. Here, the focus will not be on what we as society know already but especially about what we do not yet know or do not want to know – the blind spots.

Unfortunately, most lectures will be held in German. We are sorry!


02.05. Nachhaltigkeit & Nichtwissen – Sustainability & Ignorance: at HS 1098

  • Dr. Marion Mangelsorf – University of Freiburg
  • PD Dr. Dirk Schindler – University of Freiburg
  • Moderation: Dr. Roderich von Detten – University of Freiburg

13.05. Nachhaltigkeit & Politik – Sustainability & Politics: at the Veranstaltungssaal of the UB

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Felix Ekardt – Research Center for Sustainability & CIimate Policies
  • Walter Kahlenborn – Adelphi
  • Moderation: Dr. Steffi Ober

06.06. Nachhaltigkeit & Macht – Sustainability & Power: at HS 1098

  • Christof Timpe – Ökoinstitut
  • Florian Diez – Fridays for Future Freiburg
  • Moderation: Prof. Dr. Lena Partzsch – University of Freiburg

27.06. Nachhaltigkeit & Ökonomie – Sustainability & Economics:
at HS 1098 – CANCELED

  • Kristina Jeromin – German Stock Exchange
  • Prof. Dr. Tilmann Santarius – TU Berlin
  • Moderation: Dr. Philippe Merz – Thales Akademie

11.07. Nachhaltigkeit & Resilienz – Sustainability & Resilience:
at HS 1098

  • Prof. Dr. Hartmut Fünfgeld – University of Freiburg
  • Dr. Roderich von Detten – University of Freiburg

18.07. Nachhaltigkeit & Recht – Sustainability & Law:
at the Veranstaltungssaal of the UB

  • Philipp Thapa – University of Greifswald
  • Andreas Gutmann – University of Bremen

always 18:00-20:00