Network Gathering

As the coordination center for sustainability efforts in Freiburg a focus of our work is networking. Here, we do not only include sustainability agents from various university levels but also different sustainability initiatives.

In and around the universities of Freiburg exists a great variety of voluntary involvement in the field of ecological, social and economic sustainability. Some of these are, for example, Weitblick, campusgrün, sneep, fossil free, the environmental working group of the stucents council, the sustainability working groups of the universities in Freiburg and many more.

Since 2017 these and other interested initiatives have been organizing network gatherings that take​ place every 6 months. During these events, the projects of the different groups are exchanged and new joint efforts initiated. Thus, common projects have developed from this network as, for example, the Sustainability Days that take place for one week every summer semester.

The “Initiative Nachhaltigkeitsbüro” (initiative for a sustainability office) was formed from a group of people that were motivated by the idea of a studium oecologicum at the University of Freiburg during the network gathering. The “Nachhaltigkeitsbüro” has now taken on the responsibility of organizing this networking occasion.

After forming two groups to organize the Sustainability Days and a “Week of Links” – that should introduce the field sustainability in Freiburg at the start of the semester – at the last gathering in December 2018, the next one this summer semester is expected to take place in June 2019. We will announce the exact date in time here.

Newcomers and known faces alike are welcome to join us. We look forward to networking and taking action together!