After having had a successful launch event, the second lecture of our series took place last week. Walter Kahlenborn (Adelphi) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Felix Ekardt (Forschungsstelle Nachhaltigkeit und Klimapolitik) presented their perspectives and research findings around the topic “Sustainability & Politics”. The talks were moderated by Dr. Steffi Ober (Forschungswende) and highlighted, especially in the following discussion amongst the speakers and the audience, that their research displayed many points of intersection despite differing standpoints.

We are happy that so many interested people found their way to the library and enriched the discussion with their questions.

On the 6th of June, Christoph Timpe (Ökoinstitut Freiburg), Dr. Lena Partzsch (Uni Freiburg) and Florian Diez (Fridays for Future Freiburg) will examine the question of power structures, especially in the context of last year’s anti-coal-protests.

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