Sustainability & Ignorance

The lecture series “Identifying the Blind Spots” of the Nachhaltigkeitsbüro Uni Freiburg finally started last Thursday – our first step towards a #studiumoecologicum

“Sustainability and Ignorance” was the title of the launch event, where Dr. Marion Mangelsdorf and Dr. Dirk Schindler approached the topic sustainability from the different perspectives of their disciplines.

Moderated by Dr. Roderich von Detten presented Schindler scientific-oriented #climate scenarios, while Mangelsdorf highlighted from a cultural-science-perspective the relevance of narratives and metaphors. Facts, insecurities and complexity of models were facing the figure of #Gaia, the superorganism earth and the critism of the image of a world carried on human hands.

„Dramatisieren und Entdramatisieren“ (Bruno Latour) was the key message of the evening: Which narratives are appropriate in which setting, how can the problematic nature of sustainability be communicated and overcome, what is missing in the public debate? – Interdisciplinary dialogs, listening and a compromise between drama and down-to-earthness, these were possible answers, that could serve as a first step towards approaching the climate debate with new eyes.

After this successful launch event we are looking forward with excitement for the next weeks. On Monday, 13th of May, this lecture series is already to be continued with propably a heated debate on “Sustainability and Politics” – so whoever could not be there the last time or is still hungry for more, you are most welcome to come round!